Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming Soon to an oven near you!!!


I had to use a wig, as
I am a blonde, you know.
Richard, of course!!
Well, it took a while and quite a bit of make-up, but here are the Haloween pictures of Richard and I in our costumes for this year.  Hope you enjoy.  It was lots of fun...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Look At Me Now!!!

One day I was sort of sad because most of the pictures I have in my files are of my family, friends, etc..  Not that that is bad, but I was looking for some of me and there just aren't many (especially ones that make me look anything like I wished they did!!).  So, I decided to try and do some 'self-portriates'.  I tried to do some poses that I thought would yield an acceptable picture...Did Not Happen...However, here are some of them just so someone someday who might look at this blog will see me as I appear at the current date...Donations may be sent to:   Elaine Hintze Make-Over (Soon) at our current address...Thank You....

Sorta look like I am really doing something important - HUH!!!

The self timer on the camera works quicker than I was ready for.
Jacob and I the summer of 2010 at Fuddrucker's.
I did find a great hair stylist...FINALLY..

OCTOBER 2000 and WHAT?????

As I try desperately to grab on to today, I just can't believe it is October, 2010.  I find it strange to look at our children as adults and wonder, "Where are my babies?"

I am so grateful for each of our children.  They are really some of the greatest of Heavenly Father's children and I am astounded that He would allow me to be their mother.  It is for my benefit, I am sure.

Each is talented fully in so many ways.  My prayer is that they will each strive to see themselves as Heavenly Father does, and develop their gifts and talents daily throughout all time and eternity...

                                                                    Then and Now

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 65th Anniversary - Mom and Dad

(Sorry the video is sideways.  I will learn to fix it soon!!!!!!!!!)
Well, we had quite a party tonight up at Bartlesville.  We were gathered to celebrate 65 years of marriage for my precious parents, Carl and Colleen Baker.  We gathered at "Outlaws" (apropos name) and had lots of good food and lots and lots of fun.

Present were: Jim and Trina Hedges (Mom's sister Bonnie's daughter), Tracy-Kim-Jacob&Carli Barnett (my Brother Carl's daughter Kim and her family), Georgie Galanis (Bonnie's son), Pam Clark (Bonnie's daughter), Brad and Ginger Johnson and their son Clint (Mom's sister Deloras's son and family), Deloras Johnson (Mom's sister), Bob Alexander (Dad's best buddy), Sue (Dad's cousin), Mom and Dad, Bill Ruggles (a good friend of the family), Richard-Me-Jeff-Jordan&Sonja.  Charity was ill and did not get to come...

The above video speaks for itself.  Trina got Mom a bright red "nightie" and she was all to compliant when asked to model it...Dad just sort of sat there not knowing what to say!! 

We ended the evening with cake and ice-cream (a yummy marble cake from Wally World and it really really was good) and lots of pictures  of which, most of mine were fuzzy:( ....  I will include a few of the better ones...

Aunt DoDo (Deloras) and Clint

The Fuzzy Family

I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for the wonderful blessing of having Carl and Colleen Baker as my earthly parents...Keep on Keeping on Mom and Dad!!XOXXOX

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Shortest Utah Trip Ever!!

Well, on Tuesday we got to go to one day of Ed. Week, and it was good, but then later that evening we had a call that one of our children may be in medical trouble and so, even though we really didn't have any worry or concern for our child, we felt compelled to terminate our trip and return to OK. 

We decided to venture the drive to Vernal to visit a little with our sweet little friend, Marsha Tiemann.  She has had quite a hard past 3 years with a marriage that was not as she had hoped, but she has been blessed with 2 of the sweetest little children that God has ever sent to this planet.

As it happened, we arrived unexpected for that date and it was the day that she was having her 8 month old little boy, Warren, blessed by her Bishop.  The Bishop had invited the dad, which was to cause Marsha lots of stress.  She was really glad to see us come that day.  Richard got to help bless Warren and we took lots of pictures.  I feel awful that I can't remember his name at this hour.  But I will add it in when it comes back to me.(As you can see, I remembered - or rather Richard remembered, but I agree that he is right!)  His  21/2 yr old sister is named Sarah!!!  They are both so very sweet and cute as bugs.

Anyway, I feel the whole trip to Utah may just have been for Marsha and our visit at the time she really needed, "family"... 

The great time we had with the Nissons, and the fact that Richard got to see the Joseph Smith movie and we got to have several yummy meals together was good enough for me.  Helping out Marsha on a very hard day - priceless...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back for More Education at BYU!?

Richard and I are back in Utah this week, for our 4th Annual (together at least as I have been out many other times, but it is not as fun as with my sweetie) BYU Education Week.

This is sort of a summer camp for adults, Mormon Style...Also, we get to visit old friends, eat out at great new places, visit relatives, eat out at more great new places, go to Temple Square and walk around the Temple and enjoy the beautiful flowers and the serenity of the Temple Grounds, and of course, EAT OUT AT GREAT NEW PLACES!!!

We left temperatures in Tulsa of 106+ daily for the past 6 weeks or so for the 90's here with the cool shade and cool evenings and nights and dry air...a pretty good trade for a while. 

We had a great drive out together.  We listened to an audio book by Glenn Beck entitiled, "The Overton Window".  Pretty thought provoking stuff.  I plan on getting lots more organic seeds, food storage, and being more political even than I have been in the past!!!  Since I have just been reading the last chapters of Alma in ghe Book of Mormon, the book took on a special significance to me.  Also, how can anyone deny the situation we are in today politically and socially in the USA.  It indeed is time, if ever there was one, to re-raise the Title of Liberty and live it....

We get to go and have dinner with our old friends, Terry and Judy Nisson tonight.  That is a good thing.  We have not seen Terry since they moved from Tulsa about 20+ years ago.  I have seen Judy and keep up with her by emailing her.  Fun is expected and - eating out in a great new place called Madelyn's Steak House.
We only had soup for lunch in preparation for a great dinner.  I say preparation is the key to success, right.

All for this day...Go forth and serve...